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The Perfect Sexual Health Just As Your Hope for

The birth of a child is one of the most exciting, enjoyable and important stages in a woman’s life. But very often after giving birth, her libido decreases. Many people say: “I do not want a husband.” What is it connected with and what to do with it? Let’s try to figure it out. First, remember: the decrease in desire after the birth of a baby is normal. Secondly, there are two main groups of causes: physiological and psychological.

Physical level

The average woman needs 90 days to recover from the birth of a child. During pregnancy, the body is a real hormonal boom, but after birth, the level of most hormones returns to prenatal rates. Of course, during pregnancy, adapting to higher doses, we experience a “break-up”: a breakdown, a depressed state, a reduced libido. It takes time for the body to rebuild again. Depending on how the delivery went, a woman may experience discomfort during intercourse, and this can cause fear and rejection of intimate intimacy. The caring subconscious simply turns off the attraction to insure us from possible pain. With the all milf sex the options come perfect here.

The Other Option

By the way, during breastfeeding in the body of a woman oxytocin is produced a hormone of intimacy and affection, it helps to experience deep feelings for the child, but at the same time it dulls the libido. Another nuance that women face after childbirth is an expanded vagina. Muscles diverge, and our sensitivity decreases. This problem affects us not only on the physical level, but also on the psychological one: we begin to consider ourselves asexual and avoid intimacy, and our subconscious, as always, protecting us from discomfort, turns off desire.

And of course, you cannot discount the simple human fatigue. What are the feats of bed, if all that we can in the first months after giving birth is to fall into bed and fall asleep !? All these problems either go away with time or, if more than three months have passed since the birth of the child, they require consultation with a specialist. Psychological level It is more difficult to deal with psychological problems, because they are more individual.

Let’s try to highlight the main ones:

Dissatisfaction with himself and his figure – during pregnancy and after giving birth, our body changes and it is stupid to deny it. We are embarrassed by our tummy, the gained kilograms, the changed chest, which hurts and “hinders”.

Yes, and in the constant care of the baby, when there is no time to bring myself up or just relax and sleep change of priorities before all our attention was given to the husband and one’s beloved, and now the new member of the family “dominates” here. What thoughts about her husband (he is no longer small, to cope himself) and even more so about sex, if the child not only takes all the time, but also takes all the thoughts.

The absence of the usual life – the birth of a child turns everything upside down: you used to have a job, a gym or a hobby, meeting friends, going to the movies with your husband, and now? Now baby, diapers, blends, laundry, ironing, cooking, cleaning, instead of Peppa Pig films, instead of shopping, a new stroller and children’s things, instead of a cafe with friends, a playground. Of course, all this can not affect the psychological state.